The Right Timing

The Right Timing

How do you know when it’s the right time? Time is infinite until it is not, so what makes actions within infinite time right or wrong? So many things in life we relate to time. When to say something, do something, not do something. Should I say I love you first? Do I save my money or indulge? Do I leave or stay? Should I start that diet today or Monday? The list, like time, is infinite. 

I am faced with time right now in all aspects of my life. You see I have recently discovered that the only thing that truly matters on this earth is NOTHING. God has designed an amazing obstacles course that we all navigate the best way we see fit. We time what, when and how to do things. However, each choice leads to another set of decisions. Like many I spend precious time mulling over these decisions and then mulling over the chosen action and back around again. This vicious cycle robs me of the present. How do I maximize time when I spend time thinking about time? 

So today I am choosing to defy time. To not think about it. That action I want to take, I’m going to do it! The conversation I want to have I am going to have it! That risk I want to take I am going to take it! After all, I have plenty of time to think about the time I misuse later right?

What are you going to do with yours? Time – OJW@PPL

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